Anyone who knows me through my other Blogsite ( The World of The Teigr Princess) or is on my Facebook Friends List knows that I collect hobbies and projects like other people collect mint-in-the-box matchbox cars or Teapots.
Therefore, the blog posts at my other blogsite can range from my family life, through whatever craft project I am currently working on, touch briefly on how well my latest book is doing, and end up talking about nonsense.

I’ve tried to separate my life into little compartments before – a blog for my craft, a blog for my serial stories, a blog for brownies, a blog for my writing and so forth – but they’ve always ended up being included in my main blog again.

This time I’m going to separate my family life from my main blog. I have several reasons for this…

  1. I want to focus on the subject of bringing up Aspergers Children – I have two that have been confirmed (officially diagnosed if you prefer) as being High Functioning Autism / Aspergers, and a toddler who is starting to show signs of it.
  2. I want to talk about the difficulties of being an Aspergers Child Parent. Many of these difficulties will be the same for regular children, but sometimes Aspergers kids take things to extremes.
  3. I want to be able to explore the problem of being an Aspergers / HFA adult. I am self diagnosed and my partner has been confirmed as being Aspergers.

These are the reasons that this place is called “Aspergers Family Blog”. Most of the posts will be from myself, but I am hoping to persuade my older two children to open up about how their diagnosis makes them feel and how they deal with it.
They are both children of the 21st Century – tech minded and happier online than off! So there may be posts from them as well.

I also love to talk about my kids – they are sweet, naive, funny, insightful, delightful… and awkward, frustrating, annoying, picky, stubborn… all at the same time. You may think that is just being normal, but trust me, there is no such thing as NORMAL in our house!

I have to go pick my youngest up from Playgroup shortly, so I’ll introduce the members of the family in a separate post.


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