One of the things that stops me from doing book conferences / ComiCons etc, is the sea of people it involves.

Daniel is one of those lucky people who can swap from introvert to extrovert (I call them ambiverts) and PT is an out and out extrovert – they can thrive on such experiences.

NOS and I are pure Introverts and even though I can handle a lot more noise and people than he can, we need a quiet space fairly quickly when there is a huge crowd.

And that’s not including what that many people and stimuli do to PW – toddler plus exciting crowd = chaos!

So this post really rang a bell for me.

Finally Knowing Me: An Autistic Life

As usual, my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know, to find out more, to increase my knowledge of what was going on with autism research, and to see some of the people who had thus far been just names on book spines or people I’d encountered in internet discussions. And so, when I came across a link on facebook to a one-day conference, organized by the National Autistic Society, on Autism and Mental Health, I initially saved the link, then, in a moment of confident madness, signed up to attend.

It turned out to be a really really interesting day. For very many reasons. I learnt a lot!

I was expecting it to be supremely challenging and had already baulked slightly at the confirmation e-mail, which had stated that parking was limited and that those who couldn’t park would have to use a park and ride…

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