This isn’t strictly an aspergers / autism post, but it brought up an interesting thought that connects with it…

If my HFA kids are anything to go by (YMMV) they love to have stability and structure on one hand and on the other, they yearn to travel and have exciting experiences as much as non autistic…
They worry about missing these things and their FOMO level is often quite high, especially if you have one who is an extrovert like PT.

The difficulty is reassuring them that they will have these experiences in the future, my kids don’t seem to be able to see past next week!

The World of The Teigr Princess

I have the absolute pleasure of introducing one of the most unique authors I know. Her books are beautifully written, multilayered stories that are entertaining to read, but also make you think about the issues contained within the pages.

Today’s post is inspired by her latest novel, “Little Gidding Girl”. I purchased a copy in my hands and will be reading and reviewing it soon… so, without further ado,  I’ll hand you over to Vivienne…

* * * * *

What did you want to be when you were a teenager? What shining golden dream did you hold towards the end of school or college?
Without doing a proper poll, I suspect that few of us achieved those dreams. At fourteen, I still dreamed of becoming an astronaut. By the following year I realised it was never likely to happen. Of all the career paths, that’s possibly one of the…

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