I’m uncertain how to feel about the recent program that Chris Packham did about autism (I’ll admit now that I haven’t seen it properly) but while I’m glad that such a prominent member of our Tribe has spoken up publically, is it going to help us?

A couple of years ago there was a buzz about Dyslexia and several prominent Dyslexics had programs made about how they cope with their condition. While at the time it was an eyeopener for anyone who didn’t have Dyslexia and it made people talk about it, I don’t recall anything concrete coming from the public discussions that helped NOS in school.

I hope that something good comes out of the media buzz; that we get closer to being accepted as we are, as opposed to being forced to conform entirely to the Allistic world. I can’t help being slightly cynical about it though…

This is the piece that Chris Packham himself has posted on his blog –  http://www.chrispackham.co.uk/news/aspergers-and-me-thank-you  – I thought I’d post the link just in case you haven’t seen it.


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