I read through the article below and with every story, I felt more and more connected to the women telling their stories.

I’ve self diagnosed, but should I push for a formal diagnosis this late in my life? I don’t know – it’s an oddly scary thought, I feel anxious just thinking about it. Why am I scared of it?




2 thoughts on “A sense of connection…

  1. I’m on a waiting list for a diagnosis, I’ve been on it for the last year, but yes I’m really anxious about it so I can understand why you would be. What if I can’t put myself across properly and they say I’m not, I think that’s my biggest worry. Where will that leave me then?

    Isn’t it good to see more women speaking out on this though?


    1. Definitely good to see more women speaking out, on this and all sorts of other issues… for so long we’ve been told that a good girl is quiet, unselfish and demure; but in order to grow as women we have to turn that on its head and shout, talk about ourselves and put ourselves out there.
      None of which I am good at, but I’m working on it.
      The connection that I felt helped me realise that I have to do something that is completely out of my comfort rut and that will help me sort out some issues that need dealing with… I’m going to have to write about myself!

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