I’ve been seeing increasing numbers of my female friends (both from the real world and the digital world) speaking out on various issues. Some of these issues I have experience with and some I don’t, but in an effort to support my friends (and no matter how I know them, they are my friends) I will always listen / read and comment / discuss and support them however they need me to.

They have always done the same thing for me; I know I’m not the best person in terms of friendship; I’m selfish, forgetful and arrogant. I have to be constantly reminded to do things that I’ve said I’ll do; I have to work to remember the rules of interaction with other people.

When I started this blog, I said it wouldn’t be about me, that it would be about ASD and the journey that my children are taking through it.

I realised today (in the shower as usual) that I was going to have to break my own promise. That the journey my children are taking in life is always going to involve me and that I am going to have to talk about myself and my own journey.

But I don’t want it to take over the blog (which would be very easy to do) so I am going to write it down properly, in book form. Yes, I’m going to start writing my Autobiography. It’s going to be a difficult thing to write and as I work through it, I’ll share extracts from it on this blog and probably on my author blog site as well.

There are thousands of autobiographies and memoirs on the market and only those by famous people are interesting to anyone else, so while I’ll be writing this as a form of personal therapy and I’ll try to share the more interesting bits, it may never get published in any other form though.

So thank you in advance for your forbearance…



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