I am trying very hard not to scream. I just had a convo with the Health Visitor – PW had been referred for ASD assessment by the previous HV through the GP and it had been turned down, new HV doesn’t know why. So new HV contacted the Nursery Teacher to get the school to help in getting an assessment.

The Nursery Teacher doesn’t see what I see.

The NT sees a child that gets on well with the other children, does as she’s told, is doing well academically and only has problems with toilet training. So the NT told the HV that while she would pass the request onto the SENCO, that she didn’t think PW needed an ASD assessment. The NT always gives me the feeling that I’m paranoid and seeing things when I bring the subject up. *sighs*

The HV has suggested that I talk to the GP and make notes on behaviour to take to GP about it. This is what I had to do for PT because the school did not see the ASD behaviour. *sighs again*
PT’s ASD has become more apparent as she has got older, where as NOS’s ASD behaviour has got better – but he had earlyish intervention due to his ASD showing at school.

I don’t need to be told that I’m paranoid about this – I know I am.

I want my children to get the help that they need as early as possible and not have to suffer through school as I did. Now I’m is doubting myself again and wondering if I’m seeing things that aren’t there.

It makes me feel seriously anxious and uncomfortable around the NT. I keep thinking that she’s judging me and assuming that I’m trying to label PW for my own benefit, rather than trying to get her help early.
Maybe I am paranoid, maybe I have Munchausen syndrome by proxy? How long before someone calls the Social Services on me for it? Or am I seeing something in the NT that isn’t there?
I don’t know… and it’s making me feel ill.


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