Snow – Fall Quietly
Reach down deep in your pocket
And drop a handful of softness
To brighten up the night.
Pull all the down from all the geese
Making sure they are the purest white;
But do it quietly!
’cause my baby sleeps tonight!
How will I explain such beauty?
Please tell me how I do?
As long as the snow falls quietly,
This night I may not have to.
Tomorrow is another day-
For a child filled with questions
And a parent filled with 10 times more,
But tonight there are no answers
Just a quiet peace from Gods
Blanket at the door.
Snow – fall quietly
We both need your quiet stillness
Envelope us in peace;
For tomorrow I may need answers,
But tonight my baby sleeps.

(c) Linnie Buhman

* * *

Today is Father’s Day.
It’s as difficult subject to talk about as Mother’s Day, because for every family that has both parents, there are at least three more that don’t. There are families where the parents have broken up and live in different places.
There are Fathers who are the only parent because the Mother has died or has no interest in the children. There are families where both parents have been taken out of the picture completely for various reasons and the children live in foster homes or with other relatives.
There are families where the Mother is the only parent because she doesn’t actually know who the Father of the child is; or the Father isn’t interested in being one; or is too dangerous to have around the children for whatever reason.
There are familes where the Father has died later in their children’s lives… I could go on, but I think you understand where I am going with this…


I was lucky; my parents didn’t split up until I was 16, so while it was painful to me, I understood what was going on and could reason my way through it. My Dad decided to go and live overseas, so not only did we lose his constant presence in our lives, he wasn’t even somewhere that we could visit him regularly.
Don’t get me wrong, I still love him, it’s just that I wish that his decisions hadn’t taken him away from us.
It made me determined to make sure that any children I had, had their Father in their lives, even if I couldn’t stand him / didn’t love him any more etc; it wouldn’t be fair for them to not have him unless that was their choice.

So I was doubly lucky when I found TOH.

He’s kind, caring and funny. He’s a good Father – he is always appropriately strict or generous as neccessary. He does his best to understand his children; despite his ASD and their ASD – it makes for interesting conversations about life!

I hope that the next eighteen years of Fatherhood are as lovely as the last eighteen (NOS is eighteen this year) for all of us, but especially for TOH.


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