ALL PARENTS – you need to watch this show:…/what-are-we-feeding-our-kids

Not got enough time to watch it?

Here’s the synopsis – the Food Industry, people like Nestle, are deliberately creating Ultra Processed Food so that they can make as much profit as possible. These foods are deliberately targeted at low income, working parents as convenience foods. They are also packaged to appeal to kids (who don’t have fully functioning inhibition brain circuits) so the “nag factor” and pocket money purchase power come into play.

They are ultimately pushing the responsibility for the additives etc that they use to make these foods onto us by saying that we are making bad choices and it’s not their fault.

Even when the program actually proves that UPFs affects brain structure and hormone release in the bloodstream, the Food Industry Spokesperson still says it’s our fault. He actually says that Profit is more important than Health and that it’s up to consumers and their choice about what they eat.

Yet with non / minimal processed food being more expensive per kilo than UPF’s, how the hell are low income families like mine supposed to avoid eating them?

I am trying to reprogram my my brain with the second nature program. I am trying to be a good role model to my kids and these BLEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP are contorting my children’s brains without my even realising it (obviously I now can do something about it) so I am going to take my money towards less processed food and make much more of my own food from scratch.

Links to more articles on this:

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