I hate these fudgenuggety things. They’re the bane of my existence.

I have 2 children under 10 and they keep getting the bedduggery things…and as any parent knows, it can give you a complex.
The moment you read or hear anything about them, you start scratching. It’s worse than yawning…


Anyway, like I said, I have two primary school kids. I had just managed to get the older one clear over the Easter holidays this year. She wasn’t scratching and there had been no sightings for 3 weeks (the recommended length of time for declaring an invasion over) and I was reasonably certain all the other kids were clear too.

Then the youngest started Nursery at the same school as his sister. A week later, they sent him home because they had found a live crawler (an adult).

That was it. I combed him, which is always a difficult thing to do, mostly because he is 3 and hates sitting still. Plus he has a sensitivity to pressure and hates having his hair cut or combed. Cleared every last veshlugined one out.

Combed the whole family that night. All clear.

Sent him into school the next day.

Two days later they found another and sent him home again.

Went through the process again.

They found another a week later.

I am beginning to feel singled out and victimised by this point. I check with other parents and they haven’t even seen any sign on their kids or had them sent home.

This continues all term.

Then the summer holidays arrives. I give everyone a good combing and relax.

This morning, I notice a lice on the youngest. I go through his hair. Clear tons out of his hair. I do the same to the older one.

Now I am looking for something else to try. I wet comb as much as possible. I have used most of the products on the market. I have tried every single home remedy.
The only thing I haven’t tried yet is diatomaceous earth… But that’s on the horizon too, as soon as I can get some.




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