There are six of us in this family… seven with our pet,  so I thought I would introduce us all.

For reasons of Privacy, I will refer to my family members as  Acronyms and I’m not going to put pictures up of them without their consent… but they have their own quirks and likes, so I’ll pick a picture that represents them.

One of TOH’s own Drawings… Find more of them on DA – DJCourt

TOH – This is my Domestic Partner. I’ve always referred to him as my Other Half to friends because that is exactly who he is. He’s an Visual Artist, a Gentleman and a Martial Artist…He extends and complements me and while we are not without our ups and downs, he is the one and only person that I wish to be with.

TOH likes RPG games… he’s a Final Fantasy Nut and is a Playstation Fan. He also likes Anime and Manga, usually Romantic Comedy type. He’s Marvel with a hint of DC like me and he loves Fantasy. He loves Animation in all it’s forms and adores Art – he’d draw all day if his Back let him.

This is the Picture NOS chose to represent him. I’ve linked directly to the original artist on DA – Rafaken.

NOS – Number One Son… says it all really. My eldest child and the oldest boy. Like his father he’s into Anime and Gaming, but has a bit more of an even spread on the types; he enjoys football games. racing games, FP Shooter, RPG…. he’s a Nintendo / Playstation fan because of his obsession – He’s our family’s Pokemon Master. Ask him a question about Pokemon and he usually has the answer. Not bad considering that he’s only seventeen.

He’s a fairly normal teenage boy, apart from his obsessions. He isn’t massively academic, but managed to pass all his GCSE’s and has moved on to the local College He wants friends, uses social media and I still have to nag him to go to bed, take a shower and do his homework.

Misaki and Hikaru have been PT’s favourite Anime Characters forever! The artist is – DeadPandaInc

PT – Princess Talkative… this is my oldest daughter. She’s tall, intelligent and pretty. She reads voraciously, watches all the same animation as her father and plays mainly Nintendo games. She likes the ones like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon. Her favourite anime and manga are Cardcaptors, Angelic Layer, Sailor Moon. She competes heavily with her brother on the Pokemon front… but she’s four and a half years behind him on that one!

Her main obsessions are fashion, sewing and art. I think she’s aiming to become the next Vivienne Westwood… Being an Extrovert she loves being centre of attention, so dancing and singing come a close second to textiles. Her favourite form of dance is Ballet. She also likes Drama… and she’s good at it.

PW loves Shimmer and Shine! The artist is – YamilyLong


PW – Princess Wriggles… my youngest daughter is just as she is named; wriggly. She’s the only member of the family that we aren’t sure has Autism. She’s 4, so it’s about now that we need to watch her for the early signs. She’s showing a few, but they might just be the usual preschool game of copying her older siblings.

She loves Bing, Shimmer and Shine, Sofia the First, Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She adores anything with music and will break out in bouncing and spinning at the first hint of a chance to dance.

SB likes to try and get people’s attention by going “rarrr”, and he loves the TV show as well…

SB – Surprise Baby… and he was a surprise because I was expecting to be told that I was perimenopausal; instead I was pregnant. He’s a surprisingly chilled out baby, but loves being cuddled and has started to develop a sense of humour – he’s always laughing at PW…
Obviously we don’t know if he’s Autistic yet (he’s currently 6 months old) but it’s going to be a fun journey!

Queen Cleo looking Cute

Pets – We currently have one Cat, named Cleo. We’re looking around to find her a companion at the moment as we lost her brother, Gizmo, to old age.

Cleo is a white, cream and charcoal calico lady. She’s reserved and doesn’t tend to come out into the open unless the kids aren’t around.

This is Parisa, the latest member of my Dragon Flight…

I suppose I ought to include myself in this introduction, so here’s me:

I have more than one job – I look after my family full time at the moment, but I am a qualified Secondary School Teacher by training. I also have a secondary career in Writing.

My main teaching subject is Design Technology, followed by ICT and Art & Design. My hobby is collecting hobbies and I enjoy crafting things, so most of my hobbies riff off of my Teaching Subjects. I sculpt Polymer Clay figures, design & make Jewellery in beads and metal, do Pyrography, knit, crochet, embroider, sew, draw illustrations and maps…

My writing career has been going since 2008 and I currently have nine books out in the wild, ranging from Children’s Rhyming stories, passing through short story anthologies and finishing up with a novella and a novel. It’s the main thing that keeps me sane while dealing with this world!

Well, that’s all about us… welcome!